Voigtländer Vito IIa

I have often heard that vintage Voigtländers are built like Volkswagens. Personally, I think that they are built like a combination of a Volkswagen, Mercedes and Audi! They were built to last; they are very well designed and they ooze quality! Let’s not forget that Voigtländer have been making cameras since 1849 and the company…

1919 Contessa Nettel Cocorette Contessa

Dear reader, you will later hear about the Praktica BX20 that I bought a while ago which just about satisfies the requirements for a vintage camera, ie. over 30 years old. However, today’s post is about a recently acquired true antique being over 100 years old – a 1919 Contessa Nettel Cocorette Contessa folding camera….