Experimenting With Fantome 8 Kino Film

I have been experimenting with Lomography Fantome 8 Kino film. I shot all of these images with my Canon A1, developed the film in Ilfosol 3 and scanned the negatives with my Epson V600 Scanner. Post-processed with DxO PhotoLab 5

All shots were handheld and taken in very bright sunlight. Upon reflection, The use of a tripod would have been advantageous for some shots, given that the film is rated at ISO 8.This film is derived from cine film and produces extreme highlights and blacks. As I made no adjustments when scanning, post processing proved essential. The highlights were seriously blown out and the blacks were … very black!I like contrast but I was surprised at how strong the contrast was. However, the images were usable once post processed.

If I am honest, I do not rate it highly for landscapes but I think it comes into its own when photographing architecture. It is very sharp and the grain is non-existent!

I have enjoyed this experiment but I have two criticisms of this film! It is the thickest film I can recall and it is the most curly film I have ever used. After drying, it resembled a coiled spring. Fortunately, the Lomography Digitaliza scanning masks hold it reasonably well. I wouldn’t even try the Epson V600’s scanning mask!

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