Results Using Rollei Spur HRX Developer

Last year, I decided to try a different film in this developer as I had a few rolls of TMax 400 that were close to expiring. Upon reflection this may have been a stupid decision as I also had a bottle of TMAX developer open! Doh!

I followed the manufacturer’s recommendations and exposed the film at ISO 320 rather than box speed. I shot the film near Agoi Ekaterini Monastery in a wooded area and on the beach. The sunlight was very harsh. The remainder of the film I shot around Loutses. Again the sun was very harsh.

The film was developed for 12.5 minutes at 20 degrees C. I employed continuous inversion agitation for the first minute and then one inversion every minute thereafter.

I continue to be impressed with the sharpness of the negatives and the lack of grain produced by this developer. My next film to receive Spur HRX development will be my favourite – Ilford Delta 100. (To be shot at ISO 80!)

The examples attached to this post serve only to show a sample of different results shot with my Kiev 60TTL under differing lighting conditions. As always, there are no masterpieces!

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